okinawa karate - ju jitsu - apollofanous filoxenos zakynthos by dimitris panagiotopoulos -

Renewed after persistent inquiries and studies, nowadays the Pankration Sport is emerging more brighter than ever.

The Greeks’ main aim is the modern Olympic Games, so that the Pankration Sport worthy to represent them and their thousands of years history.

The Greek Federation of Pankration Sport, officially recognized, has assumed as sole representative of the Greek state, the propagation of our ancestral sport in Greece and worldwide.

With a continuous militant activity the Pankration athletes’ ability is developed to the maximum level.

The only thing needed from someone in order to start training Pankration is good physical health.

Because of its kinesiology and the ability of each individual, age doesn’t matter at all. In essence, anyone can get started with Pankration.