Panagiotopoulos Dimitris

okinawa karate - ju jitsu - apollofanous filoxenos zakynthos by dimitris panagiotopoulos -

I have been involved with martial arts since 1980. I started learning Kung Fu in Amaliada Ilias with a teacher training a group of 5 friends.

No Karate school existed in the area at that time, when the first Okinawa Karate school opened in 1983 by Antoni Koutouzis. I was the first student to join it!

Reaching a green belt, I moved permanently to Athens where I have continued to learn and practice Karate by the side of the late master Zahopoulos Basil. I stayed in Athens, until I opened my own Karate school on Zakynthos Island where I live till today.

As an athlete Dimitrios Panagiotopoulos has gained major awards in national Okinawa Karate championships. Today he holds 3 titles.

  • Black Belt 6 Dan Okinawa Karate
  • Black Belt 5 Dan Ju-Jitsu
  • Trainer Diploma by the Greek general secretariat of sports in Ju-Jitsu and Pankration and profession Diploma of the above sports by the same authority


6th Dan Diploma zante budo academy